CBS Orders Pilot For How I Met Your Mother Spinoff How I Met Your Dad

How I Met Your Mother

With How I Met Your Mother in its final season, many fans have been savoring the last few episodes, knowing that they’ll never get to see any more of the gang at MacLaren’s. Last month it was rumored that a spinoff was in the works and that it would come from a woman’s perspective. Today we have news that the spinoff, titled How I Met Your Dad, will be going to pilot for CBS.

The show, coming from HIMYM creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, plus Emily Spivey, is going to be a “kindred spirit” of the original series, but won’t feature any of the same characters. That’s a bit of a letdown, as a show from the Mother’s perspective while Ted was looking for her could actually be an interesting one. Also disappointing is that contrary to earlier reports, the characters for this new show will not be introduced in the coming episodes of HIMYM‘s final season.

To me, this just sounds like every romantic comedy ever. Part of the charm of How I Met Your Mother is the fact that it’s about a hopelessly romantic guy. While that isn’t a totally revolutionary idea, it is fresher than most stories about finding love usually are. To put things from a woman’s perspective just doesn’t seem like it’ll be all that entertaining, especially considering that the writing on HIMYM has lost a step in the last few seasons.

There’s also the fact that everything in How I Met Your Dad is going to be compared with How I Met Your Mother, which on the whole is still one of the better sitcoms that’s on television. While there aren’t supposed to be any major character cross-overs, this new show could be helped along by some appearances from minor characters, but that would just lead to more comparisons. Honestly, I just can’t see this one making it very far.

What do you think about How I Met Your Dad? Can a How I Met Your Mother spinoff work? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.