DC Supervillain Reactron Coming To CBS’ Supergirl


A few days ago, news broke that Lucy Lane would be heading to CBS’ Supergirl series, meaning that her alter ego, Superwoman, may not be far behind. Now, another story update gives a bit of weight to that speculation, as DC Comics supervillain Reactron is looking to give hell to Kara Zor-El as well.

The news comes from TV Line, who state that Reactron – a nuclear-powered, radiation-spewing baddie with a heart made of gold Kryptonite – will show up in Supergirl‘s third episode, the same episode that features Lucy Lane’s debut. In the comics, Superwoman goes up against Reactron and is not affected by his Kryptonite heart, tipping Supergirl off that Superwoman isn’t Kryptonian.


It’s unclear whether that will factor into the series, but it’s fun to speculate on nonetheless. We do know that Reactron will harbor a long-held grudge against Kara’s cousin, Superman, but comes to National City to take his frustrations out on Supergirl instead.

Reactron may be highly similar to classic Superman villain Metallo (another guy with a Kryptonite heart), but he’s long been one of Supergirl’s biggest villains and was responsible for the death of her parents in Superman: New Krypton, so it’s nice to see that the series won’t just borrow characters from the Man of Steel’s mythos and is instead diving headfirst into Supergirl lore.

With production on the series gearing up, we’ll likely know who will be playing Reactron in the coming weeks. In the meantime, let us know how you feel about this news in the comments below.

Supergirl will debut on October 26th, 2015. You can read our review of the pilot episode here.

Source: TVLine