Everything We Know About The Next Season Of Netflix’s Transformers Show

Transformers: Way for Cybertron

For longtime fans that felt like Michael Bay’s incredibly loud and almost offensively stupid movies failed to capture anything resembling the essence of the Transformers brand, the recently-released first installment of Netflix’s War for Cybertron trilogy has managed to hit the right balance between nostalgia for Generation 1 and telling a story that appeals to both old and new fans alike.

The six-episode Siege has gone down a storm with subscribers, and luckily for them the streaming giant already have another two chapters planned. The final episode may have ended on a cliffhanger, but the fact that the second outing is titled Earthrise makes it pretty clear where the next battle for supremacy between the Autobots and Decepticons is going to take place.

There’s no official release date for either Earthrise or final installment Kingdom just yet, the latter of which is set to introduce the cult favorite Beast Wars characters into the mix, but in their statement celebrating the early success of Siege, production company Rooster Teeth were frustratingly vague in saying that the next batch of episodes will be arriving “in the near future,” which could really be anywhere from a few months to a year, or perhaps even longer than that.

With the action heading to Earth and the Allspark no longer on Cybertron though, the war between the heroes and villains has taken an intergalactic turn, which makes it seem inevitable that there’s going to be some major new additions to the voice cast, with plenty of iconic Transformers ripe to appear in Earthrise based on the relatively small size of Siege‘s ensemble.

Given the hugely enthusiastic reception to Siege, Transformers fans are going to start getting more and more impatient the longer they have to wait for Earthrise, and Netflix will no doubt be looking to strike while the iron is hot and get the next six episodes out there sooner rather than later to capitalize on the buzz. As such, let’s hope we hear an official announcement about a release date in the coming weeks.