Check Out Laurel Lance’s New Costume For Arrow Season 8

Black Canary Arrow

To the excitement of many viewers, it was recently revealed that, yes, Oliver Queen will don a new costume for Arrow‘s eighth and final season. Granted, the one he’d been wearing since season 5 was mighty badass, but it was time for a change.

Likewise, Earth- 2’s Laurel Lance will be given an upgrade, which I find to be highly appropriate because it’s probably for the better she rebrand herself now that she’s on the side of good. After all, it’d be in her best interest not to wear the same attire she did while parading around with Cayden James and Ricardo Diaz.

Now, you probably noticed her new threads in the first trailer for season 8, but we’ve included a pretty sharp screenshot in the gallery below so that you may savor the details. And if that weren’t enough, some concept art showing off the entire ensemble with classic billy club can be found in the next slide.

The second image comes to us by way of consulting producer Marc Guggenheim. At first, he said this about it on Twitter:

⁦”@MzKatieCassidy⁩ and I ran out of time! Here’s the concept art for the new Black Siren costume for Season 8!”

Then, he followed up with this:

“Oops. Meant Black Canary. Or did I? Arrow 801 holds the answer…”

Though Dinah Drake is technically the Black Canary at present time, there’s no law stating two women can’t use that moniker. Plus, a percentage of viewers will forever regard actress Katie Cassidy as the Black Canary, no matter which incarnation of Laurel Lance she’s playing.

Like Guggenheim said, suspicions will be put to bed once Arrow returns with new episodes on Tuesday, October 15th on The CW.