Check Out Test Footage Of The Guardians Of The Galaxy TV Show That’s Set To Debut On Disney XD In 2015

During their presentation at the New York Comic-Con today, Marvel’s Head of Television, Peter Loeb, revealed the first test footage from their animated Guardians Of The Galaxy TV show.

The spinoff series is set to land on Disney XD next year as part of an exclusive line-up of Marvel Universe programming. The basis of the show will revolve around the same crew of Guardians introduced in this summer’s live-action feature, and follow them as they undertake new adventures across the galaxy.

“This is a very exciting time for the Marvel Animation Studio as we get to explore the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe by developing the first-ever ‘Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy’ animated series,” said Loeb. “After starring in the biggest movie of 2014, everyone wants more of Star-Lord and his crew – now they’ll get it.”

While Loeb’s exciting announcement might have ended there, he went on to offer fans a first look at test footage from the show (courtesy of the official Guardians Facebook). Running at just under a minute, the footage opens on an animated version of Rocket charging across a neon-lit futuristic cityscape. The pint-sized raccoon runs and jumps to narrowly avoid a spaceship until he bumps across an old friend on hand to offer him some advice. The light-hearted approach that made the movie such a success seems to be replicated here, and that’s certainly not a bad thing!

The project was sent into production following the huge success of this summer’s feature, which brought a clutch of relatively unknown comic characters to the big screen. Of course, the popularity of the movie was not guaranteed. Marvel took a huge risk in developing a property that wasn’t at the time a household name. Their biggest gamble by far was their decision to cast Parks And Recreation funny guy Chris Pratt as the quippy lead, Star-Lord. Luckily, all of their moves paid off, as the film has so far taken $300 million at the US box office and has a sequel on the way.

Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy TV show is set to air on Disney XD in 2015, and Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 will arrive in theatres on July 28th, 2017.