Childrens Hospital Will Shut Its Doors For Good After This Season

childrens hospital corddry

Sad clown alert: the popular Adult Swim comedy Childrens Hospital will be ending its seven season run next month. Creator and star Rob Corddry confirmed the news in an in-depth interview with Variety, saying he believes the currently-airing seventh season is “the ultimate season of Childrens Hospital.”

The actor admitted that if he and the team believed that they weren’t going out on top, they would have probably continued the show into another year. As it stands, he thinks they’ve made the right decision.

Here’s a brief clip from his thoughts on the move to end the show:

This show, season after season, has been an exercise in perfecting this world. We just finished editing this season a couple of weeks ago, and it really is the ultimate season of Childrens Hospital. That wasn’t the decision-maker but it certainly was a strong factor. It’s uncomfortable for us to think this way as American creators because that’s not the way it happens here: You don’t decide to end your show, a corporation decides via algorithms. So I realized, in retrospect, this was the only way it could have happened.

Corddry co-created the show with Jonathan Stern and David Wain, and it’s based off of a web series that began in 2009. In 2010, Adult Swim picked up the show as a quarter-hour comedy and kept the cast and creators intact. Actors like Michael Cera, Ken Marino, Malin Akerman, Nick Offerman, and Ed Helms (among many, many others) have all graced the halls of the hospital over the years.

The series finale of Childrens Hospital will air on April 22 on Adult Swim. Corddry did leave fans with a tiny bit of hope, however, mentioning that Adult Swim’s founder Mike Lazzo hopes for the show to come back in some form in the future, even “as a special – like a half-hour special here and there.”

Anyone interested should check out Corddry’s full interview with Vulture here. Otherwise, let us know what you think about the decision to end the show in the comments below.