Child’s Play: The TV Series Officially Announced By Don Mancini


For the first time in three decades, Chucky is headed to the small screen in the form of Child’s Play: The TV Series.

Over on Twitter (h/t Bloody Disgusting), franchise veteran Don Mancini shared a tantalizing gif riddled with static and a very familiar Devil Doll. He’ll reportedly shepherd this long-rumored show with fellow Chucky architect, David Kirschner, though at least for now, details remain few and far between.

That won’t stem the tide of rumors, of course, and anyone who’s seen Cult of Chucky, the most recent movie installment in the time-honored Child’s Play series, will know that Mancini and Co. left the door open for that little redhead to return. As a matter of fact, earlier this year the filmmaker implied that Child’s Play: The TV Series was “deliberately set up at end of the last movie,” before warning budding viewers that the “tone is dark and disturbing.” Where do we sign up?

Other tidbits include the fact that Brad Dourif will once again return to voice Chucky, though it should be noted that this TV series doesn’t necessarily spell the end of Chucky’s film run. Don Mancini is still hopeful for another installment at some point down the line, but the focus, for now, appears to be on a serialized version of Chucky’s escapades, and we can only hope that the end product will include such fan-favorite characters as Tiffany.

Via Twitter:

More on this newfangled Child’s Play: The TV Series as it begins to claw its way up from hell.

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