Chloe Sevigny Returns To American Horror Story For Season 5


It seems as though the next season of Ryan Murphy’s FX anthology series American Horror Story is accruing cast members at an alarming rate. The last week alone has witnessed the departure of fan favorite Jessica Lange, whose four season stint has finally reached its end, and the arrival of Matt Bomer, Cheyenne Jackson and Wes Bentley.

Those three newcomers all made brief appearances on the show in the past, and have since been bumped up to starring roles. It seems as if Murphy is intent on mining previous seasons for cast members, as today brings news that Chloe Sevigny has signed on to appear in American Horror Story‘s fifth season – Hotel.

The actress made her first appearance in the show during its second season, Asylum. A brief guest-starring role, her arc as Shelley the nymphomaniac turned – as most things often do in AHS – ugly pretty quickly. She won’t be reprising the role due to the nature of the show’s format, and there are no details on who her future character will be.

Likewise, Bomer, Jackson, Bentley and Lady Gaga’s character profiles are also under lock and key. The need for heightened secrecy doesn’t come as a surprise, however, considering past talk by FX exec John Landgraf. Earlier this year, he hinted at an “unusually large reinvention” for the season, which could be precisely why the pre-production chatter is being kept at a minimum.

Season 5 of American Horror Story is set to enter production shortly. As always, we’ll keep an eye on any new developments as they arise.