New Chris Lilley Series May Bring Back Summer Heights High Characters

Summer Heights High

Australian comedian Chris Lilley has developed quite the following of passionate fans through his many hilarious characters that he not only dreams up but plays as well. His technique of playing multiple characters isn’t done in an Eddie Murphy Norbit sort of way, but rather in a way that makes the shows all the more fun to watch.

Lilley now has a new series in the works, and he’ll be bringing back at least one of his previous beloved characters, with the three from Summer Heights High included as possibilities.

Lilley Tweeted and posted on his Facebook page that one of his previous characters would be returning and encouraged fans to vote on who they think it will be. So far, the trio from Summer Heights High is overwhelmingly leading the voting, with Mr. G having a whopping 33% of the vote. Personally, I think it’s more likely Jonah or Ja’mie returns from that show, but I’d be thrilled if it is Mr. G. In addition to that trio, the other possibilities are Angry Boys characters S.mouse, Gran, and the Twins, and We Can Be Heroes character Phil Olivetti.

Lilley started shooting in Australia earlier this year for the new, mockumentary-style show, which is being shot for ABC and is expected to follow the previous three and air on BBC Three in the UK.

As for what it will be about, well, Lilley has been keeping most details under wraps, but he did tell Digital Spy earlier this year that if you liked the first three shows he did, this will be part four. That sounds great to me, and if you disagree, then puck you. I said puck you! With a ‘P’!

What do you think of Chris Lilley‘s new show? Which character of his do you think will be returning? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.