Chuck Lorre Planning Two And A Half Men Reboot Without Charlie Sheen

According to Yahoo, Chuck Lorre is hard at work on an idea to reboot Two and a Half Men without Charlie Sheen. Apparently he’s sharing the plan with close associates and the other star of the show, Jon Cryer. Cryer is said to have a significant amount of screen time in the reboot and there will be a new character introduced.

Lorre is apparently strongly opposed to having Sheen return but the actor is said to still be working on somehow finding his way back onto the show. He’s trying to set up meeting with various members of the show but Warner Bros. is standing behind Lorre and neither of them want him back.

While there’s been no official announcement on if there will be a new season of the show, many industry insiders tend to think there will be. Rumors have also been rampant regarding who will fill Sheen’s shoes and everyone from Woody Harrelson to Jeremy Piven to Bob Saget have been named as potential candidates. It’d be a major role for any actor who grabs it but it would also come with a ton of pressure. Filling Sheen’s shoes and trying to carry one of TV’s biggest shows is a major task.

There is still a ton of stuff up in the air and nothing is confirmed but expect to hear more on the future of Two and a Half Men in the coming weeks as sources say a midseason relaunch is likely.

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