Ciara Renee Joins Arrow-The Flash Spinoff As Hawkgirl


The CW’s crossover spinoff series involving key characters from The Flash and Arrow has added a brand new name to its leading roster. Set to join the highly-guarded series is Ciara Renee, whose TV debut came recently on Law and Order: SVU, in the role of Kendra Saunders AKA Hawkgirl.

A relative newcomer to the industry, Renee will be collaborating on the comic book team-up alongside a slew of returning stars from both individual shows. Brandon Routh (Arrow’s Ray Palmer/The Atom), Wentworth Miller (The Flash’s Leonard Snart/Captain Cold), Dominic Purcell (The Flash’s Mick Rory/Heat Wave), Victor Garber and Caity Lotz are all signed on for appearances. The latter – Caity Lotz – is one of the most intriguing additions to the cast as her character perished on Arrow, therefore making her return all the more mysterious.

While we don’t know much about Lotz, Renee’s character is an established part of the DC-verse, and is poised to be a prominent figure in the show. The initial character bio offers a few more insights:

In the new series, Kendra Saunders is a young woman who is just beginning to learn that she has been repeatedly reincarnated over the centuries. When provoked, her ancient warrior persona manifests itself, along with wings that grow out of her back, earning her the moniker…Hawkgirl.

Arrow creators Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim are spearheading the spinoff, which was announced earlier this year. At the time, the major point of interest in those initial reports stemmed from talk of three previously-unseen-on-TV DC characters set to make their small screen debuts. We can strike Hawkgirl from that list on account of her appearances on Smallville, which suggests that Lotz’ unknown role will in fact be one of those never-before-adapted characters, but the way this spinoff is shaping up, who knows what’s in store.