Comedian Tone Bell Joins The Cast Of The Flash Season 2


It’s not safe being a journalist in Central City. In fact, it may be even more perilous than being a politician in Star City. Regardless, season two of The Flash has now cast comedian Tone Bell for a multi-episode arc when The CW series returns in 2016. He won’t be a character from the comic books though; instead, he’s taking on the role of Iris West’s boss.

Bell is playing Scott Evans, the brash new editor at Central City Picture News. Devoted to hard journalism, Evans will push Iris (Candice Patton) and all his reporters to dig deeper into their stories and report the truth about what’s really happening in Central City. His predecessor at the paper, Eric Larkin (Tom Butler), was recently killed in a confrontation with Earth-2 villain Dr. Light (Malese Jow).

The comedian currently stars in NBC’s Truth Be Told, a series seemingly on the brink of cancellation, though he also recently co-created and sold a half-hour scripted comedy based on his life to FX. That likely means we shouldn’t expect to see him stick around in The Flash for too long, though we won’t find out for sure until the series returns in January.