Connor Hawke May Return Later In Arrow Season 7


Even though Arrow isn’t building toward the future Legends of Tomorrow established with “Star City 2046,” it sure does look like cues are being taken from that dystopian adventure. After all, once you introduce a character like Connor Hawke, it stands to reason that viewers will hunger for more.

Funny enough, the Green Arrow of the future’s return may have just been spoiled by the latest person to take on the mantle. As it turns out, actress Sea Shimooka, whom you may know better as Oliver Queen’s estranged sister (Emiko?), posted the most peculiar photo on Instagram.

Unfortunately, the image has since been taken down (probably at the request of The CW), but we can tell you that it showed Shimooka in the company of Colton Haynes (Roy Harper), Andrea Sixtos (grownup Zoe Ramirez) and – get this – Joseph David-Jones, the very actor who played Connor over on Legends.

Based on that lineup, it may be fair to assume that they were taking a break from shooting flash forward scenes. If so, that could mean Ms. Queen is continuing her family’s crusade decades into the future, and has perhaps taken on a protege in one Connor Hawke AKA John Diggle Jr.

Come to think of it, we probably won’t have to wait much longer to learn the truth. Right now, the cast and crew should be in the midst of shooting episode 12 or 13 of the current season, both of which will air sometime in February. And if indeed it’s 7×12 we’re talking about, then that also happens to be the series’ 150th episode overall. Aptly titled “Emerald Archer,” it could prove to be one for the ages.

Arrow returns with new episodes on Monday, January 21st on The CW.