Constantine Features In Images From Legends Of Tomorrow’s Midseason Premiere


Earlier this evening, I was thinking about how it’s kind of funny that the cancellation of Constantine’s eponymous TV series has actually been somewhat beneficial to the character. Yes, it completely sucks that such a fine show was cut short after only thirteen episodes, but now, the fans are sent into a frenzy any time he pops up in an Arrowverse series or animated movie. Basically, it’s an event of sorts.

Having said that, you can’t deny that notion has held true when it comes to his upcoming visit to Legends of Tomorrow. After being introduced at the tail end of the midseason finale, Matt Ryan’s iteration of the charismatic exorcist understandably has diehard and casual viewers alike taking notice.

So, considering that the time traveling adventures shall resume in just under three weeks, it’s natural that the network begin circulating promotional material. And while it’ll probably be another day or two before an official synopsis for “Daddy Darhkest” surfaces, we do have a healthy supply of new photos from said episode to enjoy.

In them, John Constantine is naturally present for a good amount, as is one Citizen Cold, whom he’s expected to flirt with. To date, the demonologist’s bisexuality hadn’t been explored much outside the realm of comics books, but it’ll be subtly displayed here – just don’t expect him to get far. Don’t forget that “Leo” Snart is in a committed relationship with the Ray.

As for the plot itself, don’t count on much to be spoiled, but it’s probably safe to say that seeing those guys interacting with the rest of the Waverider crew is more than enough to get us geeked for Legends of Tomorrow‘s return on Monday, February 12 on The CW.