New Trailer For NBC’s Constantine Teases Doctor Fate


DC may be a bit slow when it comes to developing a cinematic universe on the big screen, but they’re making a lot of headway when it comes to bringing their characters to television. Arrow just concluded a stellar second season, with a third outing gearing up to start production. That show will spin-off into The Flash, which will be joined this fall on the CW by an iZombie series. They’re branching out into other networks as well, with Gotham premiering on Fox and Constantine over at NBC.

One of the best things about Arrow is how well the series has managed to bring in other characters from the DC pantheon, even those not typically included in Green Arrow comics. This season, Deathstroke was the “big bad,” while other characters like Nyssa al Ghul, the League of Assassins, Ravager, the Clock King, Count Vertigo, the Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and more all made trips to or cameos in Starling City.

Judging by this new trailer for Constantine, our titular Hellblazer won’t be the only DC character in the mix, and the series will likely be filled with easter eggs and comic book references of its own. At the 0:47 mark, you can see someone holding the dusty helmet of Doctor Fate, one of the DCU’s major sorcerers and members of the Justice Society of America. When last we saw that iconic gold helmet, it was in the ninth season of Smallville, where the character appeared for a few episodes. He was adapted pretty well for that show, and could easily fit into the more mystical world that Constantine appears to inhabit. They definitely included this tease for a reason, so we should expect to see him in the show somewhere down the line.

Check out the new Constantine trailer below, which shows off quite a bit of new footage and some more hints at the larger story elements, and let us know what you think.