Containment Ends At The CW, Marking The Network’s Only Cancelation This Season


After The CW renewed its entire slate of programming earlier in the year, and just announced this week that it’s got four new shows headed to the network in the fall, prospects for the Spring debut of outbreak thriller Containment were pretty low. Unfortunately, so were ratings, leading to The CW’s ultimate decision to axe the series.

So far, four episodes have debuted in its first season, each with unfortunately low ratings, and that’s even coming off of one of the network’s biggest hits, The Flash. Still, some fans may not be entirely surprised, given Containment‘s “limited series” moniker, but other shows – like Wayward Pines last year – have proven if something is popular enough, it can come back in some way or another, even when it shouldn’t (looking at you, Under the Dome).

Containment told the story of a mysterious illness that sweeps Atlanta, urgently prompting the government to instil the city in a quarantine zone to prevent the deadly virus from spreading. Everyone left inside – including much of the show’s main cast – were subsequently left to fend for themselves and fight for survival as those on the outside sought a cure.

Although it wasn’t confirmed by The CW, it seems that the network will continue to air the remaining episodes of the show into the summer, until its first season is finished. Excluding Containment now, The CW will have 15 shows on in the coming season, with 11 returning series and 4 all-new shows (if you count Supergirl as a new show for the network).

Tell us, were you a fan of Containment and will you be sad to see it go for good? Let us know in the comments below.