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Contestant on ‘Family Feud’ charged with murdering his wife gives suitably creepy answer

The question? “What was the biggest mistake you made at your wedding?”

Timothy Bleifnick - photo courtesy of ‘Family Feud’

When Steve Harvey asked, “What’s the biggest mistake you made at your wedding?” he couldn’t have guessed that he was asking such a question to a man who is now charged with murdering his wife. 

39-year old Timothy Bliefnick of Illinois, who was on the popular Family Feud game show in 2020, is being charged with two counts of first-degree murder and also one count of home invasion. Bliefnick’s estranged wife, Rebecca Bliefnick, was found dead last month in her home with multiple gunshot wounds. She was 41.

The still married couple was going through a divorce and living apart. They have reportedly been separated for two years. 

Timothy Bliefnick’s appearance on Family Feud

Timothy was arrested by the Quincy Police Department this past Monday morning, as initially reported by the Kansas City Star. Authorities allege that he broke into Rebeccca’s home and shot her multiple times.

They also had three young sons together, whom Rebeccas was taking care of, and are all now being cared by the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services.

Defense attorney’s have stated that Timothy has no history of domestic violence, claiming the arrest was made due to pressure from the community and that Timothy is being scapegoated since he is the estranged husband.

When the Bleifnick’s appeared on Family Feud, Rebecca was not one of the contestants. Steve Harvey asked both competing families, “What was the biggest mistake you made at your wedding?” A member of Bleifnick’s family immediately guessed the top answer when he said, “I drank too much.” 

Then, when Steve Harvey asked Timothy the same question, he answered, “Honey, I love you but…saying I do.”

After Harvey gave him quite the look, Timothy said, “I’m gonna get in trouble for that, aren’t I?” Steve responded, “There’s gonna be a lot of hell to pay at your house.”

The answer was actually on the board as the second most popular response but, in what may have been thought to be a fun answer at the time, it now offers a very different perspective in hindsight.

Timothy Bliefnick fails to help his family win $20,000

Later in the show, Timothy Bliefnick was the second and final contestant to represent his family in the final Fast Money round of the episode. He needed just 58 points to help his family win $20,000 but failed to do so.

Rebecca Bliefnick’s family has set up a crowdfunding page, stating:

“Moving forward, our whole family will lovingly support and care for the boys for the rest of their lives in the ways we know Becky would want. To do this well, we have established this GoFundMe with the goal of establishing a scholarship fund in Becky’s name as well as to help with family expenses related to Becky’s death and the future care of her boys.”

If you would like to help, or wish to read more about Rebecca, you can view the gofundme page here..

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