Cool Fan Art Places Arrow’s Stephen Amell In A More Comic Book Accurate Costume


Up until the past few seasons, Oliver Queen made a habit of donning a new costume with each successive year of Arrow. Though you may not have noticed, seasons 1-3 each featured subtle variations to the suit, but it wasn’t until the fourth when the Emerald Archer received a generous upgrade. Then, in the following autumn, long sleeves were added to that attire.

Now that we’ve grown used to seeing Ollie don the same threads for seasons 5 and 6, one would expect for him to wear something new once he gets out of prison (admit it, you know he won’t be in there forever). Actually, he’s still wearing the same getup in the latest graphic teasing the next major crossover that’ll introduce Batwoman, but that’s actually an old shot being used. In other words, nothing is set in stone on the costuming front.

Having seen the latest fan art by way of James Holland that’s circulating over on Imgur though, one would assume that he’s hoping for a more comic book accurate suit in season 7. Not only is Stephen Amell sporting the classic goatee, but he’s also decked out in something more akin to what’s been seen since the dawn of the Rebirth era.

As you can see, it’s very similar to what the pencils of Otto Schmidt and Juan Ferreyra have brought to life, only with long sleeves in place of short ones. Being familiar with the material, I think Amell’s suit from season 4 is what influenced the current comics most, but Holland probably tried to find a balance by utilizing long sleeves in his piece.

No matter what Oliver may be strutting his stuff in, Arrow will return for its seventh season on Monday, October 15 on The CW.