New Mandalorian Set Pics Reveal Costumed Characters


Now that production has commenced on The Mandalorian, this past week has already given us our first look at the title character of the upcoming Star Wars TV series, and now, courtesy of, we have an idea of the sort of sets this enigmatic figure will be working in.

While these photos still leave a lot to the imagination, it’s been suggested that this site in Southern California will be used for several different sets and locations. reports to have previously seen vaporators and blast doors that have since been obstructed from view, though a stone wall design is still visible that brings to mind a bazaar or marketplace. Elsewhere, you can also see a pair of figures wandering around the set who look like they’re dressed for battle.

So far this is all sounding like Tatooine, and while it’s quite possible that Jon Favreau’s project has another location in mind, the mention of Boba Fett in the show’s early description perhaps adds credence to this idea. There’s even been a theory going round recently that the Mandalorian in question is actually a human named Cobb Vanth, who’s featured in the book as a gunslinger who inherits the armor of Boba after the events of Return of the Jedi.

That’s just speculation for now, but if you’re looking for hard facts, then we do know that the series will be set after the events of Return but before the rise of the First Order, shedding some light on what’s so far a pretty mysterious period. In any case, as further details on The Mandalorian emerge, you can expect to have a clearer idea of what Disney plans to do in this corner of the Star Wars galaxy in the near future.