Couch Critics

I’m speaking for myself at the moment but…..

I am really tired of people who watch a sitcom or a movie and instead of just enjoying what they’re watching and getting lost in it, they have to try and rationalize or make total sense of everything that’s not completely possible in the real world.

Doesn’t anyone just watch a TV show or a movie and just enjoy them anymore? What is the purpose of watching something and then nitpicking about every little thing that doesn’t make absolute perfect sense? I think we truly have become a nation of self-proclaimed couch potato critics and nitpickers and plot spoilers, when it comes to TV and movies.

These are created for entertainment purposes, they’re not meant to completely reflect the real world that we live in. If that were the case, they’d all be documentaries or TV shows like Nightline and a 20/20.

Don’t we all get hit in the face with the real world on an everyday basis enough as it is? Is everyone so cynical and lacking imagination that they can’t just allow themselves to get lost in an unrealistic story for awhile?

TV dramas & action shows have to be somewhat or very factual but not sitcoms, as a genreral rule. If a movie is based on a real life event, even then liberties get taken in the story.

Norman Lear sitcoms in the 70s were realistic but still entertaining. Today’s sitcoms (good ones) can balance that line and take a little liberty for the absurd, for the sake of humor.

In other words, we need to stop ruining these things for ourselves and others
and just enjoy. I blame the guy who wrote the book Film Flubs, that pointed out mistakes made while filming certain movies & TV show.

I think it has all gone too far….what’s your opinion? I’d like to hear it.