Criminal Minds’ 10 Most Memorable UnSubs (So Far)


10. Tobias Hankel (James Van Der Beek), Season 2


Who would have guessed Dawson was capable of such villainy? In Criminal Minds’ two-part Super Bowl episode we meet Tobias Hankel, a gentle man dragged into his father’s religious mania by punishing so-called sinners in epically Biblical ways. The catch is that Tobias has multiple personality issues, with his father, himself and the archangel Raphael all taking up residence in his head.

Tobias is a bit more sympathetic than the average UnSub, driven to drugs by his old-timey religious father and indoctrinated in Old Testament justice, but he still kidnapped everyone’s favorite genius Dr. Reid, who was simultaneously tortured (by “the father”) and then given drugs (by Tobias) to dull the pain. The memory of being Tobias’ captive still casts a long shadow on the good doctor, but Tobias himself was killed when the rest of the team saved Reid.

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