Several Returning Villains Revealed For Crisis On Earth-X


At last, the latest Arrowverse crossover is right around the corner!

Titled “Crisis on Earth-X,” the event airs next week and sees the heroes of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow collide when they have to face an invasion led by their Nazi doppelgangers from another Earth (Earth-X, to be exact). Previous promo images and posters have highlighted the league of heroes, but this new one-sheet puts the focus on the battle between good and evil.

Resembling the comic book-inspired art poster that announced the title of the crossover the other month, the image sets the Arrowverse heroes (Supergirl, Green Arrow, Flash, Atom, Wild Dog, White Canary, Mister Terrific and Vibe) against the Earth-X’ers (Overgirl, Dark Arrow, Blitzen). And, judging by the Nazi-esque banners on the skyscrapers in the background, it looks like this almighty battle is taking place on the latter’s plantet.

What’s most interesting about this piece of promo material, though, is that it reveals the supporting villains who’ll be taking part in the event. We’ve previously known that an alternate version of Prometheus, Prometheus-X, would be involved, but the other two faces are complete surprises, as DC fans will recognize the newcomers as Red Tornado and Metallo.

The two classic comic characters previously appeared in Supergirl seasons 1 and 2, respectively. However, due to the involvement of another Earth, it’s not clear whether these are the versions we’ve already encountered. For one, Metallo looks much closer to his robotic comics counterpart rather than the more human version seen in Supergirl (played by Frederick Schmidt).

Regardless, both of these individuals should make for welcome additions to the already jam-packed crossover. In particular, fans have been wanting Red Tornado to reappear in the Arrowverse ever since his fairly disappointing one-off appearance in Supergirl. After all, Tornado has a long history in the comics: beginning as a villain, he grew into a hero and became a trusted member of the Justice League. Could this version also switch sides during the four-part event? We’ll have to wait and see.

“Crisis on Earth-X” kicks off on Monday, November 27th with a double bill of Arrow and SupergirlThe Flash and Legends of Tomorrow then conclude the crossover the following night.