Crisis On Infinite Earths Parts 4 And 5 Promo Teases An Epic Final Battle


The first three-fifths of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” have been truly spectacular, but now unfortunately we have a whole month plus change to wait until we can see the Arrowverse extravaganza concluded. So, get ready to watch this 21-second promo over and over again as it’s all we’ll have to chew on for a long while.

The trailer reveals what happens next for our heroes – the last beings alive in creation after the Anti-Monitor succeeded in wiping out the multiverse. It seems that Barry Allen will be visited by the sentient Speed Force, using the late Oliver Queen as an avatar. Speed Force Ollie’s comments tease that the cosmic villain’s origins will become clear, but will this help them defeat him? “The eight of us might not be enough,” SF Arrow says, which doesn’t bode well at all.

At the end of “Part 3,” yesterday’s episode of the crossover, Earth-1 – the final universe left – perished in a wave of anti-matter, taking the likes of Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman and Iris West-Allen with it. Pariah managed to save the seven Paragons from death, however, and took them to the Vanishing Point – a place outside time and space. Or so we thought. Lex Luthor had cunningly put himself in Earth-96 Superman’s place and now the heroes will have to work with their enemy if they’re to have any hope of rescuing reality.

The Speed Force taking Ollie’s form, meanwhile, explains how Stephen Amell is going to continue to appear in the event after the Emerald Archer died back in Part 1. A resurrection via the Lazarus Pit and then a trip to Purgatory did the same in Parts 2 and 3. As far as we know, then, the Green Arrow really is dead.

Can the Paragons pull off the impossible and reboot the multiverse, though? We’ll find out in the final two episodes of “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” which air in an Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow double-bill on Tuesday, January 14th on The CW.