Crisis On Infinite Earths Almost Featured A Constantine/Swamp Thing Team-Up


It’s been a few months since the epic “Crisis on Infinite Earths” closed a chapter on The CW’s Arrowverse. Fans can currently revisit or watch the event for the first time, though, as the network are re-running the series of episodes due to the current COVID-19 hiatus. We’ve also been getting some more insights into the decisions that went into the “Crisis,” including why Tom Welling’s Clark Kent gave up his powers.

The latest glimpse into the creative thinking behind the show has now arrived, with executive producer Marc Guggenheim revealing that they wanted to pair up John Constantine with Swamp Thing. Fans of the abruptly cancelled Swamp Thing series did get a brief glimpse of the character in the “Crisis,” but according to Guggenheim, the original plan was more ambitious.

“I did want Swamp Thing to be a big part of the crossover, because – if you’ve got Constantine – to not have Constantine and Swamp Thing together is a missed opportunity. I’ll just say that, for a variety of different reasons, I couldn’t make that happen.”

For those not aware, John Constantine and Swamp Thing regularly team up in DC Comics, partly due to both characters inhabiting the more supernatural and mystical side of the universe. How exactly they could have worked together isn’t clear, but it may have involved the Green, a mystic realm similar to the Speed Force, which did end up playing a part in the action of “Crisis.”

Of course, in the end, we had the fun sight of Matt Ryan’s Constantine meeting up with Lucifer, providing fans with a different kind of service. Although Reeves is now on Legends of Tomorrow, the popularity of the character is such that there’s been talk of reviving his standalone Constantine series on HBO Max. As for Swamp Thing, there sadly hasn’t been much evidence that a feature film or continuation of the series will happen, which is a shame given the potential of the short-lived show. For now, then, people will just have to take Swamp Thing’s cameo in “Crisis on Infinite Earths” as acknowledgement that the story is continuing somewhere.