CW Planning An Arrow Spinoff For Brandon Routh’s The Atom


When Brandon Routh first joined Arrow as Ray Palmer – the alter ego of size-changing superhero The Atom – many wondered if the former Man of Steel could be in line to get his own spinoff series. It happened with Grant Gustin’s Flash to widespread praise and record-breaking ratings, so it made sense that if the character were successful on Arrow, he could venture off on his own small screen adventures.

Now, it appears that that’s certainly the plan, and that the network is already in discussions about making Routh the headliner of his own Atom series.

Arrow and The Flash executive producer Greg Berlanti (who’s also developing Supergirl for CBS) clarified the studio’s plans this past weekend at TCA. He stated that they’re in “very early talks in a very general idea that we haven’t gone deeper on yet.” That’s not exactly confirmation that The Atom will leave Star City and go on his own, but it’s still great to hear that those discussions are happening.

Berlanti is excited about the prospect of expanding the Arrow/Flash universe even farther, and noted to THR that there’s still plenty of room in the DC world yet to explore:

“We just love this universe and we want to keep growing it. We are trying to do more of what we enjoy, and it’s true: the shows are plentiful with characters and storylines. There’s a region of the universe that we felt like we haven’t dealt with yet that we’d like to deal with.”

Personally, I’d love to see The Atom get his own series, not just because I’m interested in the character but because Routh is great as Ray Palmer. He adds a ton of fun and humor that’s often lost on Arrow, and I’m happy to see him find some success in the DC universe after the disappointment of Superman Returns. 

Tell us, would you like to see The Atom get his own Arrow spinoff? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: THR

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