CW Boss Says Supergirl Fans Need Not Worry About Time Slot Shuffle With Legends Of Tomorrow


With the “Super Season” set to resume in about a week, Arrowverse fans will undoubtedly notice a bit of a lineup shift when it comes to their favorite DC TV shows. For starters, Black Lightning will be taking Legends of Tomorrow‘s old slot following The Flash on Tuesday nights, beginning on January 16.

Having gotten that out in the open, many of us expected that the Waverider crew would begin following Supergirl when we heard that it was moving to Monday nights, but that wasn’t the case. In fact, starting on February 12, Legends of Tomorrow will occupy the Girl of Steel’s regular time slot for the remainder of its third season, with Supergirl reclaiming its seat on April 16. On the plus side, that means we’ll consistently get new content up through June 18.

Despite that, CW President Mark Pedowitz says we have nothing to fear, especially with a renewal likely being in the cards:

“The fans of Supergirl should not be worried in any way, shape or form. We are big believers in the show, and big believers in [series lead] Melissa [Benoist] and the direction of the show.”

As for why Supergirl is being placed on hiatus, the reasoning is two-fold. For starters, the network is concerned about “overload” and doesn’t want all five DC superhero shows airing concurrently.

When it comes to the other reason, “production issues” are being cited, but nothing specific was given. This could be anything from the show’s budget needing to be better managed to Melissa Benoist spilling grape juice on her costume – but apparently it predates Andrew Kreisberg’s removal as co-showrunner.

In the meantime, be sure to catch Supergirl‘s midseason premiere on Monday, January 15 on The CW.