The CW Reportedly Developing An Arrow Spinoff For Blackstar


If the title of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” alone didn’t make it clear that the Arrowverse landscape will be altered following said crossover event, then recent news making its rounds most certainly should. After all, Arrow itself will be ending with the tenth episode of its eighth season and, if you do the math, that’ll arrive hot on the heels of the prime time extravaganza.

Fortunately, the new status quo is already starting to take shape, what with Batwoman waiting in the wings. And just as Oliver Queen sired a child in the form of Mia Smoak, so, too, may his TV show give way to hers.

You see, a source close to We Got This Covered is telling us that, yes, The CW are considering developing a spinoff for Blackstar. At this point, not much is known other than Katherine McNamara is expected to reprise her role as the Emerald Archer’s daughter and that the potential series will take place in a future Star City. Should you doubt this, just remember how we first broke the news that Arrow would be ending next season weeks before the major trades confirmed it.


When you really think about this situation, the puzzle pieces have already been falling into place. If you’ll recall when McNamara’s casting was announced last fall, there was a lot of hype surrounding her. In fact, it led some of us to believe she was the new Green Arrow – but then it was revealed that her character is native to the flash forwards and Emiko Queen is actually under the hood in the present day.

Given this new information, it’s highly recommended that you check out next Monday’s episode of Arrow, “Star City 2040,” as it may very well lay the groundwork for what’s to come in a series focused on Blackstar. And, as always, it’s advised that you keep watching this space as more develops.