The CW Has No Intention Of Ending Any Arrowverse Series Right Now


Like some of you, I’ve had recent suspicions of my own that an Arrowverse series may be on the chopping block come next spring so that room can be made for the eventual Batwoman show spinning out of the next crossover event. After all, the network had said in the past that they had no intention of adding any more DC series to their prime time lineup before Kate Kane was brought aboard, and there’s only so much money that can be allocated to these big budget affairs.

For the time being, though, it looks like we don’t have to worry about any of our favorite heroes calling it quits because CW President Mark Pedowitz had this to offer at the Television Critics Association summer press tour:

“Shows do eventually end, but we have no plans yet to end one or any of them. We’ll see where we come out as the season goes on.”

In other words, as long as ratings hold steady for the the 2018-19 broadcast season, don’t expect any cancellations. But if any of them do take a dive when it comes to viewership, they could be cut just as easily as any other show. I mean, plans can always change, of course, but this line seems similar to the reassurance Supernatural fans are given on an annual basis – and that bad boy is coming back for its fourteenth go-round.

Though Black Lightning isn’t part of the Arrowverse (at least not yet), I imagine it falls under the umbrella of which Pedowitz is speaking. In this writer’s opinion, that series has been on fire, so it’d be a real shame to see it go.

But like the head honcho said, “shows do eventually end,” and I can’t help thinking how weird it’ll feel calling this thing the Arrowverse once Arrow inevitably takes its final bow. As much as I love it, I reckon The Flash will outlive it by a few years, but anything’s possible.