The CW Moves Up Black Lightning Season 3 Premiere Date


When The CW originally announced its fall schedule, I couldn’t have been the only one who noticed Black Lightning‘s assigned return date was really bringing up the rear when it came to DC-based programming. If you’re unable to recall, Monday, October 21st was set to kickoff season 3.

Well, if you’ve been keeping up with news pertaining to this series and the Arrowverse in general, then you’ve heard about how Black Lightning himself and other select characters yet to be identified (Thunder and Lightning are probably our best bets) will show up during the monumental “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event.

Perhaps because of this development coming to light, the network has opted to move up the third season premiere by two whole weeks. In other words, expect for new episodes of Black Lightning to begin airing on Monday, October 7th. With Jefferson Pierce now being part of the bigger picture, maybe there’s an urgency to make sure his air date schedule better aligns with Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, etc.

In my view, this should’ve happened from the get-go, as the 9 p.m. Eastern timeslot on October 7th had originally been slated to play host to an encore presentation of Batwoman‘s series premiere. While I completely understand the need to promote the new kid on the block, yet another re-run of the pilot is scheduled for Tuesday, October 8th at 9 p.m. Three consecutive nights is a little excessive, though, so I’m glad the change was made.

We’d like to be able to tell you more from there, but a lot of plot details are being closely guarded. If anything’s for certain though, it’s that the Markovian threat is now coming directly to Freeland, and that we’ll likely see a much different Khalil if and when he’s freed from his pod. Oh yeah, it’d also be wise for our heroes to keep Agent Odell at arm’s length because, you know, he can be one sinister guy.

Tell us, will you be tuning in for Black Lightning‘s third season? And what are you hoping to see from it? Sound off in the usual place below!