The CW Releases Batwoman Begins Featurette Following Elseworlds Debut


If you’re anything like me, then one of your favorite things about the “Elseworlds” crossover was that of Ruby Rose’s debut as Batwoman. Actually, if social media is any indication, many of those reading this are probably in agreement. I mean, not only did Gotham City’s new protector come across as being badass, but Rose portrayed the character just as she should’ve. Heck, her voice even sounded like the one I imagine when I read the comics.

In celebration of this occasion, The CW have released a featurette (seen at the top) titled “Batwoman Begins,” now that the crossover is behind us. And in it, Ruby and the various creative minds behind said event open up about what it meant to finally bring this heroine into the live action realm. Furthermore, Caroline Dries, who’s been hired as showrunner for Batwoman, is among them, so do take note of any appearance she makes from here on out.

If anything, Ruby has proven to be the perfect fit for Kate Kane, as it sounds like she had previous familiarity with the character before being cast. Regardless, she’s right to feel “totally indestructible” whenever suiting up in that costume because, after all, who wouldn’t when getting the chance to be a member of the Bat-Family?

Right now, not a whole lot is known about Batwoman‘s first season, but character breakdowns for the pilot episode have informed us of how the casting department are looking to fill key roles such as Luke Fox/Batwing, Renee Montoya, Jacob Kane and Alice. If that last one sounds especially familiar to comic book readers, it should, because Alice is Kate’s estranged sister, who’ll no doubt serve as her first big bad.

On the plus side, though, we can tell you that Batwoman takes place on Earth-1, therefore smaller scale crossovers with Arrow and The Flash will be much easier to plot. One would assume the disappearance of both Bruce Wayne and Batman personas will be a central mystery as well, though we can’t be too presumptuous at the moment.