CW Releases Extended Trailer For New Series, Jane The Virgin



The CW has once again given series orders to five of its pilot contenders and have finally released an extended trailer for Jane the Virgin, which might be the oddest one of them all. The show will follow Jane, played by Gina Rodriguez, who you might recognize from her role on The Bold and the Beautiful. She vows to remain a virgin until marriage, which works fairly well until a mix-up at the doctor’s office finds her artificially inseminated.

The trailer sets up the series, introduces you to all the major characters, and gives you a taste of what to expect in at least the first few episodes. Some of the stuff obviously seems a bit outlandish, but ultimately, it looks like Jane the Virgin has some substance at its core. Although the trailer only scrapes the surface of the plot, the thing that stood out the most to me was the story behind the biological father of the unborn child. It wasn’t the main focus of the preview by any means, but it’s clearly going to be something that will play a key role in Jane’s decision about what to do with her baby.

Alongside Rodriguez, Jane the Virgin also stars One Life to Live‘s Andrea Navedo as Jane’s mother, Reign‘s Yael Grobglas as the intended mother-to-be, and Single Ladies‘ Justin Baldoni as the aforementioned biological father.

Check out the extended trailer for Jane the Virgin below and let us know in the comments section whether you think this series is going to find itself an audience or end on the chopping block!