The CW Reveals Fall 2019’s Arrowverse Lineup And Schedule

The Arrowverse

Aside from a fair amount of season finales airing in May, one thing particularly exciting about this month is that we begin getting an idea of how the next broadcast year will take shape. As both a fan and entertainment writer, I’m always most intrigued to learn just how The CW will map out the Arrowverse‘s schedule.

Fortunately, we needn’t wait any longer because the network has pulled back the curtain on their fall 2019 lineup at today’s upfronts. And though most of us are here for the DC side of things, I’ll still be thorough by including the full list.

Here you go:

9-10 PM — Supergirl

8-9 PM — All American
9-10 PM — Black Lightning

8-9 PM — The Flash
9-10 PM — Arrow

8-9 PM — Riverdale

8-9 PM — Supernatural
9-10 PM — Legacies

8-9 PM — Charmed
9-10 PM — Dynasty

After taking in that, I must say I’m glad the superhero shows are grouped together for the most part. Debuting Batwoman on Sunday nights is indeed a bold move, but pairing it with a veteran in Supergirl is a smart decision. And though the Maiden of Might moves up an hour, she remains on the same night for two consecutive seasons.

Similarly, Black Lightning stands firm on Monday nights, with The Flash yet to move from Tuesdays. Personally, I’m glad to see it tag teaming with Arrow in a sense because those two are pretty much the O.G. series making up this brand.

If you’re worried about Legends of Tomorrow, you can calm down because it’s set to return at the midseason mark. I’m guessing the reasoning is two-fold: The CW likely doesn’t want to overcrowd the fall with superheroes, and because “Crisis on Infinite Earths” will probably impact the Waverider crew.

Tell us, which Arrowverse shows are you anticipating most? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below!