The Lost Boys TV Series Starting From Scratch, Will Recast All But Two Roles


Just when you thought The CW’s TV reboot of The Lost Boys was gaining some momentum, Deadline brings word that the project has effectively been sent back to the drawing board – recasting all but two roles.

Of the ensemble that was in place for The Lost Boys, only two – namely Medalion Rahimi and Dakota Shapiro – remain. The former is attached to the part of Stella (essentially an updated version of the Star character from ’87), while Shapiro is David.

According to Deadline, together they’ll headline the “new, reworked pilot, which will likely film by the end of the year.” So, while they initially signed on for The CW’s pilot episode, the likes of Rio Mangini (Sam) Sarah Hay, Del Zamora, Cheyenne Haynes, Haley Tju, Tyler Posey and Kiele Sanchez won’t be heading to the vampire underworld, after all.


It’s a pity, really, but given the fact that The CW had already announced plans to reshoot the pilot episode filmed by Catherine Hardwicke back in May, we’re not all that surprised. The priority now is to ensure The Lost Boys still emerges from the other end of this troubled production spell, otherwise it’ll be remembered as a colossal missed opportunity.

But there’s still reason to be hopeful; per Deadline, the network’s top brass reportedly “loved the script” by Heather Mitchell, it’s just that “not all elements in the pilot came together in the execution, including casting, thus their decision to re-pilot the project.”

As things stand, The Lost Boys is expected to go before the cameras before the year’s end, by which point The CW will surely have a new ensemble in place. More on this project as it begins to undergo its radical transformation.

Source: Deadline