The CW’s Lost Boys Reboot Has Found Its Cast


The CW’s pilot for The Lost Boys is taking shape. The show will be a fresh take on the classic 1987 movie of the same name, presumably featuring a new family arriving in Santa Carla and realizing that the nightlife has a little more bite than they were expecting.

The series is being helmed by Heather Mitchell and Rob Thomas, who share an impressive resume that includes Scandal, Veronica Mars and iZombie. And now, Deadline is reporting that Branden Cook (Industry), Lincoln Younes (Grand Hotel) and Ruby Cruz (Castle Rock) have been cast as the show’s leads.

Branden Cook will play the main character, Garrett. He’s the oldest brother in the family that’s moved to the seaside town, and the one who’s slowly drawn into its vampiric subculture. Lincoln Younes is taking over the Kiefer Sutherland character Benjamin, presenting a seductive image of freedom and immortal youth. And Ruby Cruz is Elsie, who strikes up a relationship with Garrett that’s somewhat complicated by him becoming a bloodsucking undead monster.


Those of you with long memories might remember that this is actually The CW’s second stab at The Lost Boys. Last year, they cast and filmed a pilot episode starring Rio Mangini, Sarah Hay, Del Zamora, Cheyenne Haynes, Haley Tju, Tyler Posey and Kiele Sanchez. But apparently, that take on the show just didn’t come together in the way the network was hoping, with The CW saying that while they “loved” Heather Mitchell’s script, “not all elements in the pilot came together in the execution, including casting.”

Here’s hoping this new cast hits all the right buttons. One thing’s for sure, The CW are determined to make The Lost Boys show come hell or high water. And let’s face it, in Santa Carla, there’s a good chance of both. No word on when this will land, but if the pilot goes well, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it by the end of the year.

Source: Deadline