Dads Series Premiere Review: “Pilot” (Season 1, Episode 1)



The only recurring jokes in the pilot for Dads are the main characters’ consistent verbal abuse of women and mistreatment of their curmudgeonly, well-meaning fathers. What is meant to connect as funny in the show instead feels terribly uncomfortable, as if a date you brought to a fancy gala suddenly began mouthing off about how Hitler wasn’t such a bad guy. It’s not just badly executed – Dads is purely rotten from the bottom to the very top.

How anyone at FOX fought for this show over the other comedy pilots in contention is an inscrutable mystery to me – if this racist waste of time and talent is what they opted to go with, how bad must the other pilots have been? If a show as determined as this one to ruthlessly perpetuate nauseating stereotypes about everyone other than its clean-cut white guy ‘protagonists’ can still be deemed socially acceptable, perhaps it’s time for a change-up in the leadership over at FOX.

Stay away from Dads. And in case you’re thinking about checking it out, just for your own amusement, I’ll repeat: Stay away from Dads. It’s more morally reprehensible, idiotically conceived and shoddily executed than anything else I’ve ever had the misfortune of seeing on television. If anyone from FOX happens across this review: Dads is a dud in every sense of the term, and with every episode it continues to air, FOX’s reputation will take an extended nose-dive. Kill it, and kill it fast.

Did you have the misfortune of viewing Dads? If so, I’m very sorry, and will offer you the chance to give voice to your misery in the comments section below! Venting won’t get your time back, but it feels pretty good, at least.

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