Andrew Lincoln Sings And Plays Piano To Honor Danai Gurira’s Run On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Michonne

This week’s conversation on The Walking Dead has been all about Michonne’s departure from the show, and as one of the series’ most popular characters, her final episode drew in the season’s highest ratings since its premiere. One of the most meaningful takes on her leaving has come from Danai Gurira’s co-star of six years though, Andrew Lincoln, who played Rick until the character’s supposed death last season.

Lincoln sent a heartfelt video to Gurira, which she then posted to her Instagram. He begins with the opening of Paul McCartney’s famous James Bond theme “Live and Let Die,” only to alter the title lyric to “We love you Danai,” then launching into a message about the first time they were on screen together and what his time working with her meant to him. The genuine affection he displays for her is touching, and makes it clear that they were more than just colleagues.

It might sound a little jarring hearing Lincoln speak in his natural English accent instead of the Southern one we spent the best part of a decade hearing him talk in, but he’s one of several actors from the series who mask such a voice, including David Morrissey (the Governor) and Lennie James (Morgan).

Of course, the Michonne and Rick story is far from over, as her departure was spurred by her discovery that Rick might still be alive and becoming determined to find out what happened to him. The planned trio of movies starring Lincoln will most likely play into this, and will hopefully see the pair reunited after so many years apart.

For some actors, performing together is nothing more than just a job, but this video makes it clear how close Gurira and Lincoln became over the years spent filming The Walking Dead, and that the bond will remain unbroken even though they’re both now no longer a part of the main series.