The Dangerous Book For Boys Is Coming To TV Courtesy Of Bryan Cranston



Since unleashing the character of Walter White onto the world, in the much loved TV show Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston has become something of an international treasure. As such, when he makes a move on a project, everybody pays attention – and news of his development of a TV show based on The Dangerous Book For Boys is no exception.

Written by Conn and Hal Iggulden, The Dangerous Book For Boys became a literary sensation when it first hit the shelves in 2006. Its combination of humorous stories and instructions for “boys aged 8 to 80” struck a chord with readers all over the world, offering a window onto a world outside the digital realm. Covering topics such as tree-climbing, den-making and go-kart building, the popular text was first optioned by Scott Rudin in 2007, but that project never came to fruition.

Now, Cranston’s Moon Shot Entertainment has taken up that baton. The production company has a two-year first-look deal with Sony TV – the studio behind Breaking Bad – and are focused on developing episodic comedy and drama for cable and broadcast networks. It seems The Dangerous Book For Boys is top of that list now the company has optioned it, with a view to creating a fresh and unique comedy show.

The story will follow three boys who are finding their way through childhood without a father, and using their imaginations to navigate the rocky road to teenage. Though Moon Shot has yet to find a writer for the project, the possibilities for something truly different and visually fascinating are endless. Cranston has himself stated that his intention with this production company is to pursue ideas that have unusual perspectives, and having come from Breaking Bad, that’s hardly surprising.

There is nothing that is not exponentially improved by the involvement of Bryan Cranston, which means that The Dangerous Book For Boys series is a very exciting prospect indeed – not least because it promises to deliver something new amidst the current TV landscape that is filled, for the most part, with blandness and tedium. Interestingly, there is a sequel to this boy-centric book – titled The Daring Book For Girls. Following much the same format, it includes everything a young woman needs to know about subjects ranging from perfecting a cartwheel to succeeding at science experiments. Perhaps, if this new venture is successful, Moon Shot Entertainment could sprinkle a little Cranston magic on that one, too. In the meantime, we’ll keep our fingers firmly crossed, and scan the horizon for further news on this exciting project.

Source: Variety

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