Daniel Radcliffe And Jon Hamm In A Young Doctor’s Notebook Trailer

It might be a stretch to think that once Daniel Radcliffe has put a couple of decades behind him and finally shrugged off the tag of “androgynous boy wizard” that he’ll somehow resemble Jon Hamm. However, that’s exactly the premise of a new British miniseries called A Young Doctor’s Notebook, which you can have a butchers at for yourself in the first trailer below.

The series, based on the short stories of Mikhail Bulgakov, follows a troubled World War I doctor (Hamm) who in a fever dream of sorts, begins hallucinating. These visions resemble flashbacks of himself as a young physician (Radcliffe) in pre-revolutionary Russia with whom he can talk and interact. And so begins the mocking, jocularity and absolutely-not-homoerotic-in-any-way, shared baths.

Radcliffe carries remnants of Potter with him in the trailer which could be due to both characters being so devastatingly English. Then there’s Hamm, who…err…hams it up with a rather good accent! Both actors look as if they’re cutting it loose after being attached to more serious material for the best part of a decade.

Even with the show set to debut in the UK only on December 6th, the chances of it appearing Stateside look good. In recent years many British TV series have successfully landed in the US, including Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Spooks, and Doctor Who. It’s only a matter of time before A Young Doctor’s Notebook arrives here, and with distribution owned by the BBC it looks like BBC America might be where it’ll end up.

What do you think of the trailer with Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe playing ‘pass the loofah’? As per usual, have your say in the comments below.

(Source: Screen Crush)