Danny Trejo To Appear In From Dusk Till Dawn TV Series


If you’re a hardcore From Dusk Till Dawn fan like me, you’ll know Danny Trejo’s bartender character appeared not only in Robert Rodriguez’s original film, but also the two direct to video sequels: Texas Blood Money and The Hangman’s Daughter. While that means that you unfortunately know about the two inferior sequels, this also means you were probably wondering if he’d appear in the newly announced television show for the El Rey Network.

Having the opportunity to talk to Danny about his upcoming film Dead In Tombstone, I asked the quintessential badass if he’d been approached for a role in the television series. Considering his long standing relationship with writer/director Robert Rodriguez, I probably didn’t even need to ask, but for confirmation’s sake, here was Trejo’s response:

Absolutely! They can’t do that without me! I’m the bartender! [Laughs] Robert and I have already collaborated on that. Yeah, I love television, I do it all.

You’re damn right you can’t do a From Dusk Till Dawn show without the Bartender! Staying alive through multiple periods in time, there’s a backstory there just begging to be explored, and as Danny went on to joke about later in the interview – he just loves to work. Give him any part, in any medium, and he’ll gladly accept it. Do what you love and love what you do – I couldn’t have said it better myself Mr. Trejo.

Of course, this in no way means people like George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino will return to reprise their roles, because I’m sure they’ll spin the whole undead vampire story for Danny’s bartender, so don’t expect much more of the original cast to return. The only survivors of the original attack were Clooney and Juliette Lewis, so if anyone was to make a cameo, we’d have to think it’d be them, but again, that’s all just speculation. Getting Danny Trejo involved absolutely had to happen, so it’s nice to hear Rodriguez is on the same page as his fans.

With one piece of the puzzle now in place, I can’t wait to see how this From Dusk Till Dawn television show works out. I know it’s only one man, but Trejo is such a brilliant character actor, and he’s asserted himself as a staple of the franchise, so his inclusion makes me feel like we’re going to get a series true to Rodriguez’s original work. In a time of reboots and remakes, that’s all a devout fan can ask for – am I right?