Daredevil EP Shocked By Cancellation, Says Season 4 Already Plotted


Though I’m admittedly behind on Netflix’s Daredevil series, I’m right there with the rest of you lamenting the show’s sudden cancellation. I mean, not only is Hornhead one of my favorite Marvel characters overall, but the gritty take presented on the streaming service made for riveting stuff.

On the one hand, some people saw this coming following both Luke Cage and Iron First suffering the same fate. But on the other, it’s kind of a shock because Daredevil is often viewed as being one of the more successful entries making up Marvel’s Netflix initiative, not to mention arguably being the flagship show.

That said, if you desired yet another kick to the groin by way of a steel-toed boot, Co-Executive Producer Sam Ernst dropped this nugget on Twitter:

“Man, so weird to be in the Daredevil writers room today, getting the news that we’re cancelled. On the walls were an entire season 4 laid out – and it was so f***g cool. So many moments we wanted the fans to see… Sigh, this business.”

Well, there you have it: had the ax not come down, there would’ve been more adventures for Matt Murdock on the way. Of course, Marvel themselves offered some measure of consolation by saying that Daredevil himself will live on in other projects, but that didn’t provide much reassurance.

When you really think about it, we’ve probably seen the last of Charlie Cox’s Daredevil. After all, with his buddies’ shows getting cancelled around him and no additional seasons of The Defenders being in the pipeline, there’re no other means for him to resurface. My first thought was that a movie could work, but that’s not happening either – no matter how much smoke the studio continually blows up our bums.