First Daredevil Season 2 Trailer Leaked From New York Comic-Con


When Marvel first announced that they’d be bringing Matt Murdock to the small screen instead of rebooting him in feature film form, many fans were concerned. But then Daredevil premiered on Netflix and took everyone by surprise, delivering one hell of a television show and introducing us to a gritty, dark take on the iconic character.

Now, with one tremendously impressive season under its belt, Daredevil is currently prepping for its sophomore outing. We don’t know exactly where the show is headed in terms of plot just yet, but with new characters like The Punisher and Elektra entering the picture, things are really going to start getting exciting.


While we’ve yet to see any footage from season 2, the very first trailer was shown at the New York Comic-Con earlier today, and as expected, it’s now leaked onto the web. Of course, the quality isn’t great, and it’s not terribly long (the new footage only appears at about the 1:18 mark in the video above), but it’s still better than nothing and will have to hold us over until we get the official version, which should be arriving shortly.

Daredevil will return to Netflix in early 2016. Until then, feast your eyes on the first trailer above and let us know what you make of it by leaving a comment.