Daredevil Will Show Up In Jessica Jones


We already knew that Rosario Dawson would be reprising her Daredevil role of Claire Temple in Marvel and Netflix’s upcoming Jessica Jones, but what about Matt Murdock? Will he be showing up as well? Apparently, the answer to that question is yes. He most definitely will.

Jon Schnepp of Collider Heroes recently revealed that Daredevil will make an appearance in Jessica Jones. He’s not sure how exactly he’ll factor into things, but Schnepp is certain that “he’s in the series.” Unfortunately, he wouldn’t say much more than that, but the confirmation alone is enough to get us excited.


While welcome, this news is certainly surprising, as it seemed that Marvel would be keeping each hero in their own show until the eventual Defenders team up. Plus, you’d think that they’d want to keep the focus entirely on Jessica during her series. That may still be the case though, and if I had to guess, Matt Murdock will only show up for a brief period of time, and likely won’t take away too much from the titular superheroine.

Jessica Jones will hit Netflix on November 20th, and only then will we see just how the Man Without Fear plays into things.