Daredevil Star Denies Cancellation Rumors


It’s a scary, uncertain time to be a fan of Marvel’s Netflix shows. It almost seems as if Thanos has become a Netflix executive, as the past couple of weeks have seen The Defendersrelated series halved with both Iron Fist and Luke Cage receiving the axe. Seeing as we’ve just had the release of Daredevil season 3 not too long ago, fans are now worried about what the future holds for the most popular of the four shows, even despite the great reviews that the most recent run has been met with.

At the moment, it seems that things are still up in the air, as star Charlie Cox admitted to The Hollywood Reporter this week that he has no idea if there’ll be a fourth season. Of course, that prompted rumors that perhaps the axe was on the way for Daredevil as well, with a lot of people expecting a cancellation announcement any day now. But at least according to one of the show’s stars, that’s just not the case.

Taking to Twitter, Vincent D’Onofrio – who plays Kingpin – eased our fears by stating that all those cancellation rumors simply aren’t true. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t offer any updates on a potential season 4, but it’s good to know that Daredevil won’t meet the same fate as Iron Fist and Luke Cage did. At least, not yet it won’t.

That being said, with Disney’s streaming service starting to heat up now and reports surfacing that say there’s some friction between the Mouse House and Netflix – which is apparently what led to the cancellation of the other shows in the first place – things certainly don’t look good for the Man Without Fear. Still, there’s no reason to worry just yet and until we hear otherwise, we’ll assume that Daredevil will be back for a fourth season.

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