David Harbour Drops Some Big Hints About Stranger Things Season 2


When Stranger Things arrived on Netflix in 2016, it took audiences by surprise in many ways. With its retro, 1980s setting and aesthetic, and the way in which its clear homage to the work of filmmakers such as Steven Spielberg and Joe Dante suddenly began to veer off into deep horror – the original and gripping drama quickly became a giant hit. A big part of that success was due to the performance of actor David Harbour, in the role of Police Chief Jim Hopper.

As the man charged with investigating the mysterious disappearance of a young boy, Harbour created an impressive centre of gravity for a tale that became more and more unsettling with each episode. That being the case, when David Harbour popped up on Mogul to participate in an ‘AMA’ session recently, lots of interesting questions drew out lots of interesting answers about the forthcoming second season of Stranger Things.

In addition to characterizing the entire season as “fun and dark and complex,” Harbour explained the way in which we can expect the characters in general to have progressed.

“The characters all get to deepen and develop and we get to take on even greater demons (inner and outer).”

More specifically, the actor made clear that Chief Hopper will be dealing with the consequences of his actions in season 1.

“Hop starts season 2 in a completely different place than season 1. He saved Will and has found a renewed interest in life. So his arc for s2 in my mind becomes more about butting up against the places where his hero fantasy can’t take him. The places where that hero complex may force him to make the wrong decisions. It’s a satisfying, completely different journey in s2.

“You’ll get to see exactly Hop’s taste in music this season, so I won’t spoil it for you. There’s a great moment in ep2 where Hop and music are a big thing. And you may get to see him … well, I won’t say more. It was very, very fun to film though.”

These comments about music will no doubt excite fans of the show even more. One of the greatest joys of Stranger Things is the meticulously detailed way in which the 1980s setting is staged – and a big part of that is achieved through music. Even the theme music is composed so as to be an homage to music styles of that era. To hear that music will be a significant element in the season 2 characterization of Hopper suggests that Matt and Ross Duffer – who write and co-direct the show, as well as being its showrunners – are leaning in to their chosen aesthetic in an even more complete way.

The second season of Stranger Things will comprise of nine episodes, and is due to arrive on Netflix in time for Halloween.