David Haydn-Jones Joins Supernatural Season 12 In Key Role


Deadline has confirmed tonight that David Hadyn-Jones has joined the cast of Supernatural as the mysterious Mr. Ketch. We actually met the character for the first time in the midseason premiere, but his appearance has been teased for months now. An associate of the British Men of Letters, he’s presented himself as an ally to Sam and Dean, but can he be trusted? While it seems like he wants to help them, Ketch also has a reputation for being extremely dangerous, so it’s every bit as likely that he’s arrived in America to take out the Winchesters.

That dangerous side is something that the official character description teases as well, as it’s said that this member of the shadowy organization of monster hunters operating in the UK is suave, handsome, totally competent and a sociopath. That’s definitely bad news, and something which is sure to come into play as Sam and Dean seek his help when Supernatural returns. After all, the last time we saw them, they had been arrested for the attempted assassination of President of the United States (who was possessed by Lucifer at the time).

Hadyn-Jones isn’t a particularly well-known actor, as previous credits are mostly made up of Hallmark movies like last year’s My Christmas Dream. Other television roles include minor roles in the likes of Mistresses and Modern Family. Regardless, he’s still an exciting addition to Supernatural as a character who will no doubt be looking to shake things up quite a bit.