David Lynch And Mark Frost Hint At A Future Twin Peaks Outing


David Lynch and Mark Frost are rousing intrigue surrounding the future of their cult TV hit, Twin Peaks. In an altogether cryptic message, posted to both of their Twitter accounts simultaneously, the pair hint at… well, we’re not exactly sure. But gosh darnit, we should all be excited by the mysterious Tweets regardless.

Speculation is likely to run rampant, as fans will no doubt hazard a guess at what’s in store for Twin Peaks. The body of the message is lifted directly from the show, during Agent Dale Cooper’s dream sequence, when The Man From Another Place excitedly tells him “I’ve some great news, that gum you like is going to come back in style.”

Diehard fans of the 80s show have always maintained hope that Lynch and Frost would make a return to the Northwest town, despite its initial run ending 23 years ago. If you’re a true Peaks aficionado, then a similar number ought to ring a vague, hazy bell somewhere in your subconscious. During the finale, Laura Palmer announced “I’ll see you again in 25 years.” Hopes of a revival have been placed on that line alone, and today’s development certainly coincides with that looming date.

The recent release of Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery – a colossal boxset with hours of reinstated scenes – brought closure to many hoping to plug the gap left by the show’s many unanswered questions. If Lynch and Frost had made their announcement prior to that release, we’d of course assume that their teasing was just an attempt to rile up marketing juju. But now, we’re not so sure.

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