David Tennant Says He’s Always Happy To Return To Doctor Who


Even when your favourite Doctor regenerates and leaves the show, the great thing about Doctor Who is that they’re able to come back at any point in time. Thanks to time travel, the Doctor can easily bump into his past selves now and then. Of course, it all depends on whether the actor wants to or not, but luckily for the Tenth Doctor’s legion of fans, David Tennant says he’s always willing to return to the world of the sci-fi show.

In a recent interview with Doctor Who Magazine to promote a new series of audio dramas he’s recorded with TV co-star Billie Piper AKA Rose Tyler for Big Finish Productions, who also produce adventures starring Doctors 4-8, the actor described playing the iconic character as always “a happy place to be.”

“I always feel fond towards it. I always feel like it’s a happy place to be. It’s always a very fond thing to return to, the world of Doctor Who. It’s always very welcoming, and friendly, and familiar. I suppose I don’t feel detached enough from it to feel sentimental, really. Maybe if I’d been completely banished from it for 10 years? But of course it never quite goes away, does it? There’s no escaping it, nor would I want to, really. Because Doctor Who sort of runs through my life like a stick of rock. It’s sort of always bubbling under, and you know it always will.”

The Scottish actor’s known for being a lifelong Doctor Who fan, citing his boyhood love for the show as one of the major reasons he got into acting. So, it’s great to hear that his enthusiasm and love for the series has never withered away then, even when his career’s moved on to other projects. For instance, wowing Marvel fans as the despicable villain Kilgrave in Netflix’s Jessica Jones.

Tennant’s comments will no doubt get viewers’ hopes up that the Tenth Doctor could return to Doctor Who again sometime soon. After all, he previously teamed up with Matt Smith and John Hurt for the 50th anniversary special “The Day of the Doctor.” Usually, we’d say there isn’t much of a call for him to appear, but rumours state that Smith could put in a cameo in this year’s Christmas special. So who knows?

Doctor Who returns on Christmas Day for Peter Capaldi’s final adventure in “Twice Upon A Time.”