David Tennant Says He Should’ve Married Good Omens Co-Star Michael Sheen


Since Good Omens dropped on Amazon back in May, the internet has gone crazy for the unlikely love story between Aziraphale the angel and Crowley the demon, as brilliantly played by Michael Sheen and David Tennant. Sheen, in particular, has always been ready to fan the flames of Good Omens lovers’ obsession with the duo on Twitter, but Tennant has now gone one better by joking that maybe he and Sheen should be hitched in real life.

The former Doctor Who star attended Dragon Con recently where he and GO director Douglas McKinnon answered fans’ questions during a panel. Something Tennant was asked was to name the performer he thought he had the best on-screen chemistry with. Rather sweetly, the Scottish actor suggested his wife Georgia Tennant nee Moffett, as he has chemistry with her in real life. He then joked though that maybe his true soul mate is actually Michael Sheen.

“I mean, I hope? Otherwise, I married the wrong person. Maybe I should’ve married Michael Sheen.”

Tennant and his wife first met on 2008 Doctor Who episode “The Doctor’s Daughter,” where the actress actually played the Time Lord’s cloned child Jenny. In fact, Moffett’s actual father is another Doctor – the fifth one, Peter Davison. The Tennants’ marriage has gifted us some amazing social media posts of the Who fam at home as well, but I think Twitter might just explode if the so-called “Ineffable Husbands” were real, you know, husbands.

How about seeing Aziraphale and Crowley settling down in domestic bliss in a second season of Good Omens, though? We know Amazon is definitely keen to make more, and Sheen would be up for reprising his role. However, co-creator and showrunner Neil Gaiman has warned that he’s not looking to do another season anytime soon, seeing as season 1 completed the adaptation of the original novel he penned with Sir Terry Pratchett in 1990. Still, it remains a possibility and for now, we’ll keep our fingers crossed.