David Tennant Weighs In On That Possible Doctor Who Movie

Doctor Who David Tennant

Earlier this week, John Barrowman got Doctor Who fans in a flurry when he revealed that he’d chatted about a potential movie with former showrunner Russell T. Davies which would star himself, David Tennant and Billie Piper. But is this really happening? Or are Tennant and Piper at least aware of the Captain Jack actor’s idea?

Well, it seems not. Tennant attended Galaxy Con in North Carolina this weekend with fellow Who star Catherine Tate and a fan couldn’t resist asking the Tenth Doctor and his companion about the truth of this story. After Barrowman’s claim was told to them, Tennant and Tate were clearly oblivious to any talks.

“I think that’s one John started himself,” Tate quipped.

Tennant then added a cheeky tease, saying: “It doesn’t mean it’s not true.” He also joked that Barrowman may actually be making the movie on his own back in the UK: “John might just be doing it for himself, running up and down Cardiff docks.”

So, it sounds like we should keep calm for the moment and assume that Barrowman’s movie isn’t going anywhere, at least just yet. After all, his original quote did make it sound more like a chat amongst old friends than an actual plan of action between himself and Davies.

No doubt Whovians will find this a bummer, as earlier this week fans voted Captain Jack Harkness as the character they most want to see return to Doctor Who in the near future. Piper’s Rose Tyler and Tate’s Donna Noble were also high on the list, alongside Alex Kingston’s River Song.

As far as we know, however, none of these folks are due to make a comeback in Doctor Who season 12, starring Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor No. 13, which is in production now ahead of its arrival in early 2020. If anything changes on that front, though, we’ll be sure to let you know.