David Tennant Returns To Face Cybermen In New Doctor Who Audio Drama

David Tennant Doctor Who

The Tenth Doctor, David Tennant, is set to return to Doctor Who. Not on TV, unfortunately, but in new audio drama Out of Time 2: The Gates of Hell, which will be released in June and team him up with the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison.

The story sees both Doctors arriving in the Paris Catacombs at different points in time, with Five wandering in there in 1809 (possibly significant as being in the aftermath of France’s war against Sweden), while Ten uses it in 1944 to escape from Nazis. Unfortunately, the two Doctors’ timelines intersecting creates a temporal anomaly that allows the Cybermen to take over the Earth, requiring the pair to travel back in time together and stop the invasion before it begins.

As you may have surmised, the story is a follow-up to Out of Time, an audio drama released in August that saw Tennant team up with the Fourth Doctor Tom Baker where the pair faced a Dalek incursion in a cathedral whose doors open across the universe. Wink, meanwhile, the series’ third and final installment, also starring Tennant alongside Sixth Doctor Colin Baker, will be released next year and see them take on the Weeping Angels.

David Tennant Doctor Who

Tennant has proven himself just as talented an audio performer as he is a screen actor, having reprised his role in multiple Big Finish productions, as well as narrating audiobooks of numerous tie-in novels, distinctly voicing every featured character in the process, all to the acclaim of fans and critics alike.

Along with Baker, Tennant and Davison are probably the most popular actors to have played the Doctor, too, and have previously appeared together as the two incarnations in a charity special in 2007. Tennant also happens to be Davison’s son-in-law, having married his daughter Georgia Moffett after meeting when she portrayed the titular character in Doctor Who episode “The Doctor’s Daughter,” giving the pair’s performances an extra chemistry that should be evident even in audio form.